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Amateur Art
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"Looking at women on topless beaches and photographing them: Topless beach voyeur would be my "second profession". You're gonna be welcome to my blog!"


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flag as inappropriate Praetorianboy    Jan. 27, 2015

Nice point of view

flag as inappropriate fosterturkey    Jan. 5, 2015
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OMG!!!! I want some of that!

flag as inappropriate killaforma    Jan. 5, 2015

Awesome pic!!! to save it as the desktop background.

flag as inappropriate MucMan    Jan. 4, 2015
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you have either a very big lens, or you have been really close.
In any way: Great job! :-)

flag as inappropriate John Morgan    Jan. 4, 2015
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Great closeup view of that sexy asshole and pussy. That is one way to get a great all over tan

flag as inappropriate raven    Jan. 4, 2015
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this is a fantastic shot !! i like your work !!! i just wonder how hard it is to get a shot like this??

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